Humility-By Brittney Barber


In Luke 1 we find Mary (of Mary and Joseph) just having a normal day,  and then she gets the biggest pregnancy announcement that any woman, at any time had ever received.  There were plenty of huge pregnancy announcements in the Bible.  Like God telling Sarah she would have a baby at age 89, and Rebekah being told she was having twins, but this was THE announcement.  The only pregnancy announcement in the history of the world that was this big.  For one, she was going to give birth to Jesus, THE Jesus, the savior of the world; and two, she was a virgin!  Mary reacted with complete humility, her response?  (Luke 1:38) "Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be done to me according to your word."

First look at what she regarded her self as, a maidservant.   She didn't do a little dance that she was the chosen one.  She didn't think "yeah, God picked the right girl!" She called herself what she truly was, a maidservant of the Lord.  Instead of feeling like she was the best, she was humbled that she was worthy of carrying God's precious baby in her womb.  She called herself a maidservant,  showing her love, devotion, and humility before the Lord.   The word maidservant means someone who voluntarily serves the Lord.  This is not saying she is forced to serve him, she is not a slave to Him, but she choose to use her life to serve God.  When we have something great and huge happen to us, let us all think about Mary's reaction and remember we are maidservants of the Lord.

True humility is your value placed on God, your trust placed in God, and your eyes seeing through God's.  You don't think highly of yourself because you are so great, you have confidence in yourself because God is so great. You know that the Holy Spirit is in you-the same power that rose Jesus from death to life is literally in you, right this second.  Your confidence and self worth comes through Jesus.  That is when you can be excited about what you have to offer the world, because what you have to offer, when you place your worth in Jesus,  is everything.  Mary said "Yes Lord",  she trusted in His plan, His timing, and His will.   She didn't argue with him about why this was going to be very hard on her, and she didn't feel sorry for herself that her reputation would be ruined (and yes it did get ruined).  She didn't even try to make a deal to get out of morning sickness (because ladies isn't that the worst part of being pregnant?).  She just simply trusted God.  She saw the situation through God's eyes.  That was the only way she could handle this huge life change right?  She saw that she was chosen to carry the baby that would save her from her sins, and would save the entire world from their sins.  She saw how important this was,  the Messiah everyone had been waiting for.  The tough challenges that would follow didn't matter a bit when she saw that the world would be totally different after this baby was brought into the world.  

So start placing your value on God-not yourself and how good you are.  Place your trust in God-not your own actions.  Purposely see situations through Gods eyes-not the panic that is in your eyes.   

I will leave you with perfect words from John the Baptist-

"He must become greater, I must become less." John 3:30