JOY, joy, JOY, joy

Last week we talked about not complaining, this week I want to talk about Joy. Hopefully if you read/listened to last week’s Women’s Wednesday you are already starting to get rid of the habit of dwelling on the negative. I want to encourage you to turn your thoughts even more towards the positive and to live a life full of Joy.

In his blog entry, “Don’t stop having joy”, Pastor Levi Lusko describes joy in the following way,

“Joy is a supernatural fruit of the Spirit that enables us to delight in God’s goodness no matter what we are going through. Joy operates independently from circumstances. It doesn’t require us to be ordering happy meals in order to for it to function. Joy goes deeper than that. In fact, even when we are suffering we can rejoice, remembering that God uses trials to make us more like Him.”

If you google the word ‘joy’ and look at the images, one of the first ones to come up is a picture of someone being lifted by balloons. Most of the other pictures are of people jumping in the air. We tend to associate joy with flight because joy is a kind of weightlessness; it is taking all the burdens that normally anchor you down and placing them at the feet of God. Take all your burdens and cast them on God and then you will feel so light that the ground just simply cannot hold you down.

I want to challenge you today to continue to abstain from complaining, but to also take it one step forward and dwell on the joy you can have because of your relationship with Christ. Ask God to fill you with his everlasting Joy today. Spend some time today thinking about the goodness of God.

Have you ever meet someone who you can just tell from looking at them that they are a Christian. I think that is just the physical manifestation of what is going on in their heart. They are so full of joy that it changes their very countenance. This is something I want for myself, and for each of you: to be so filled with the joy of knowing Christ that even our physical bodies are affected.

To help you meditate on Joy today, please listen to the song (I am betting it will get stuck in your head).