Today's two minute message was about kindness. Its so simple, yet so powerful. When we stop, think, and then speak with kindness, it can change the tone of any situation. Are you a kind person? Are you kind to others? Let's pause with whatever were doing and take a look at ourselves, and evaluate if we are kind. I'm sure, for most of us, when we truly look at ourselves we can admit that we are not as kind to people as we wish we were.

If you have looked at yourself and see something you don't want to, good! That means you can turn from your unkind ways and habits, and look to Jesus for change. Admit to Him that you have been unkind, and that you desire to love people. Treasure those around you and show them His love.

Proverbs 31:26 says “and on her tongue is the law of kindness”. So today, declare a law for your tongue! Declare that the rules have changed and your tongue will be used for kindness, and not hurt!

So you have instructed your tongue that it has new rules. Now think about the things, or triggers, that cause you to lash out in anger! I have come up with a few things I think are common to most people that cause them to be nasty, rude, and ways that we can change how we react to them to show kindness to those around us.

Exhaustion- This is huge! We get too tired and then are very cranky, and rude to people because we are overtired. The good thing about this is its a very easy solution. Go to bed early! So stop binge watching Netflix (yeah that's me!) and just go to sleep.

Politics- Yep I said the “P” word!! Oh man, how nasty and unkind people can be when talking politics. I have seen grown adults yell at each other the meanest things when arguing over politics. Take a minute before you post a rant about a candidate and remember, that candidate is a real person. A person who is precious to God, and a person that Jesus laid down His life for. I'm not sure why we think it's a free ticket to be nasty when it comes to political matters, but man, just read posts around election time, and it's so sad to see the horrible things people say! If your a Christian you are representing Jesus, and your life may be the only Bible people read. So consider how it looks when you say and post hateful things about someone. Not to say you can't have your own opinion about important matters, but let's be kind! Use your right to vote! If you are advocating for a particular person or party, use kindness in all matters. Talk less, and pray more.

Stress- When we are stressed about something, our tongue seems to leap about 5 steps ahead of our heart and brain, and that's when terrible things come flying out. Take some time to sit down and figure out what it is that you are stressed about. See things in perspective, and if it's insignificant, then let it go. Trust God with the things you can't control, and work out positive solutions for things you can.

A messy house- For me this is my #1 thing that causes nastiness to fly out of my mouth. To prevent this, first, get some perspective and realize it's people that matter, not the cleanliness of your house. Second, do something about it! Get a good routine and habits in order to keep your house a peaceful place to live. Don't expect perfect unless you plan on moving out of it. My very favorite person that gives brilliant help on keeping your house nice is FlyLady. Go to and check out her routines, baby steps, and systems to keep you house nice! Her stuff is free ,except some cleaning tools and things she sells, but the system is free.

If I did not hit on the “trigger” that causes you to be unkind, then sit down and take the time to figure out what that is, and what you can do about it. However, the problem is still the same, it's an issue of your heart, and that you have to give to Jesus. Making changes to triggers will only help with the symptoms. If you don't let Jesus take control of your life and change your heart, then working on changing all the problems will just leave you more frustrated!

I'll leave you with this for today from the book of Proverbs;

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue...” Proverbs 18:21