We are listing our basic beliefs on this place.  In addition to our basic doctrinal beliefs, we would like to add that faith comes through a journey.  You may not believe everything we do. You may not know what you really believe.  In everything we want to have a conversation.  You have questions, we all do.  We want you to ask them.

We believe in the divine inspiration and the inerrancy of the Bible, that is God’s revelation to His creation.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In the virgin birth, the dual nature of Him as both fully God, and fully man.

We believe in the reality of sin, and the necessity of the cross for the redemption of man.

We believe in the Holy Trinity, as the three-person God-Head, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, existing as one God.

We believe in the reality of the Holy Spirit and His continued work on the earth today, drawing all men to Jesus.

We believe that the purpose of the church on earth is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, baptizing, and making disciples.